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Friday, August 13th 2010

12:15 AM

What Impacts HTTP Proxy Server Speeds?

The geographic location of a htty proxy server is a vital factor when evaluating a proxies speed and performance. People who are new and unexperienced when it comes to proxies, mistakingly assume that it doesn't matter where or how far away your proxy server is from your home computer. A general rule is that the further away your home computer is from your proxy then the slower and less responsive it will be. Obviously using http proxies that have IPs in other countries will typically mean slow web browsing. Here are a few tips to make sure your http proxy works as fast as it possibly can.

The first tip is to setup a proxy server as close to your home as possible. This sounds obvious and it should because distance is key as the less the distance the less time it will take. The first thing I would do is check for web hosting companies in the city I lived in. If you find none then just move your search to the nearest and next largest city. Failing that, check online to see if there are any surrounding countries that have hosting companies who you think might be able to help. The closer your http proxy is the better. The closer your http proxy is then the less time it takes for data to travel from the proxy to your home computer and vice versa. You'll see a noticable improvement in internet speeds if you can follow this basic rule and setup your proxy as close as possible to where you live.

Once you've found a host you need to run another test. Once you have found a suitable host, just ask them for an IP to test ping. You are pinging the IP from the host to test ths speed of the connection. Generally speaking, distance is key to speed and performance but you should really carry out the ping test to make sure the connection is fast. The best way to test this is by actually using the Windows XP ping command or any similar ping command that your current home computer operating system has. What are you looking for when you ping your http proxy? The lower the ping response time the better. Ping times simply show how long it took for information to travel to the proxy. I would consider anything around and under 250ms suitable speeds.

There are a lot of factors that can affect how fast or slow your http proxy server is. Give these two tips a test for the next proxy you create. You should now never have to worry about your http proxies running any slower than they should. 
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Monday, April 19th 2010

7:26 AM

What's The Best HTTP Proxy Server Software

If you are looking for http proxy server software then the good news is that there are many solutions available on the market today.  Each solution is capable of different things and which package is best for you depends on your budget and what you want a http proxy server for in the first place.  The two main kinds of proxy server programs available are web based and linux based.  Here is a quick explanation of what each one can do and who it might be best for.

Web or script based proxies are the most common.  They are usually free to very cheap and can be installed on any kind of standard website hosting.  They are also usually very easy to config or install and you should be able to get one of these proxy servers up and running in minutes, provided you already have your website hosting setup.  The obvious advantage is that they are easy to setup and this explains why you will find millions of them around online available for use.  The bad news is that they are usually limited in the kind of website content they can display or they aren’t really 100% anonymous.  The alternative to this is to setup a linux based http proxy.

Linux based http proxies run free software but are much harder to setup or config.  They also require completely different hosting and will not run on standard website hosting.  The disadvantage is that they are very confusing for anyone who is trying to setup one for the first time and can be very time consuming.  The advantage is that while they are difficult to setup for beginners they offer some of the best proxy features available today.  You will be able to visit and use any kind of http or https website as if you were using your home computer.

Which one is right for you?  It depends on your own needs, budget and what you want from your proxy.  The casual user might consider the free web based scripts and then move onto a linux based proxy later if they find that their needs have grown.  The more experienced user or anyone who wants total anonymity and super fast proxy speeds should consider nothing less than the linux based solution.  Regardless, both of these http proxy server software programs will allow anyone to setup their own proxy server.

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Friday, April 16th 2010

1:50 AM

How To Get A German HTTP Proxy Server

What’s the best way to find a German http proxy?  Finding proxies online is easy but finding one from Germany and one that actually works can be extremely difficult.  If you are looking for http proxies then you have to options.  The first is to look and try to find a working free proxy or to setup your own.  Once you understand the problems with free proxies you’ll see why paying to setup your own http proxy is the smart thing to do.

Free German proxies are not impossible to find.  The best thing you should do is to use software that is designed to bulk test and process proxies.  What this means is that you can paste in a list of thousands of proxies and filter out all the ones that aren’t located in Germany.  The software will also be able to test the proxies so you can see which ones actually work and which ones are so slow that they aren’t worth using.  There are many different kinds of software available to do this and I would recommend that if you want to use free proxies then this is the best thing you can do to try and make sure you get working free proxies.  However, if you want to save hours of time the best solution is to setup your own German proxy.

Setting up your own http proxy makes sense because the kind of reliability and speed you get is more than worth what they cost.  Since you are setting up the proxy you can easily pick a German IP, forget having to spend hours each day filtering through lists of proxies looking for ones that are in Germany.  The other advantage is that your own proxy is rock solid and reliable.  It will work today, tomorrow and for as long as you want the proxy server to stay up.  Free proxies typically come and go on a daily basis, but setting up your own German http proxy means you never have to worry about finding fresh, working proxies nor how slow they are.
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Tuesday, April 13th 2010

5:03 AM

How Anonymous Is Your HTTP Proxy?

Anonymity.  This word alone is one of the most important reason people use a http proxy or any kind of proxy server.  HTTP proxies offer probably the highest level of anonymity that anyone can get from a proxy server on the internet.  Changing your IP and accessing websites thanks to its powerful HTTP and HTTPs proxy features make this kind of proxy the most popular in the world.  But are you really anonymous?

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself what do you consider being anonymous?  Is changing your IP online and making it impossible for anyone to see the real IP of your computer at home anonymous to you?  If it is then there is no problem.  However, some people may want to be made aware of the fact that since most http proxies are paid it means that someone has your details of payment stored on file somewhere.  If you take this into consideration then some people might say that you really aren't anonymous if someone could contact the host of your proxy and give them your IP and then ask for further details.  Obviously only the police would be able to do this, but it does mean that you may want to consider taking a few extra steps to protect yourself online.

If you want to be even more anonymous beyond just changing your IP, then make sure that whoever you rent your proxy from or wherever you set your http proxy server up at that you make payment with some method that makes it difficult or absolutely impossible for anyone to find out where or who the payment came from.  This may mean paying in cash or using one of the many different ways to make payments anonymously online.

Proxy and http proxies are the best way to be anonymous online.  They make hiding your real computer IP easy and you can access websites that you normally couldn't using a proxy.  However, if you want to be extra safe and protect your identity online then be sure to keep the above information in mind the next time you setup your own http proxy server.
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Sunday, October 25th 2009

4:50 AM

HTTP Proxy Info

Want a http proxy? Being 100% anonymous on the internet is easier said than done. Being anonymous online is done using a proxy server, but there lies the problem. This is because there are so many types of proxy servers that it can be confusing for many people.

Proxy servers work by transferring data back to your computer while you are web surfing. The web surfing is really done with the proxy. So, the IP shown is the IP of the proxy and not your personal computer. Even if someone takes a look at your IP while you are online, all they can see is the IP of the proxy server and if surfing with a http proxy there is no way they know you are even using a proxy server.

They have no way of knowing that you are using a proxy server. To be anonymous you must look like everyone else online and this is what a http proxy does.

If you are serious about hiding your IP online and , elite proxies are the only choice. They offer the highest levels of anonymity, speed and IPs being completely cloaked is the reason why elite proxies are the best.

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